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"Food exists specifically to energize, heal, repair, and uplift us. Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create health or promote disease." Mark Hyman, MD

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In today's world, it is more difficult then ever to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. Our grains, vegetables and fruits are grown utilizing pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, preservatives, and are grown in nutrient deficient soils. Commercially raised animals and fish are administered antibiotics, growth hormones, and are fed the previously mentioned contaminated and nutrient deficient grains. Our air and ground waters are polluted and municipal waters are likely chlorinated and fluoridated. Our homes are full of carcinogenic chemicals, molds, and all the of the outdoor pollutants that make their way in. These and many others are health concerns we live with each and every day.

Knowledge is a powerful tool in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Information contained within this site may help with forging a healthy lifestyle. You may notice that there is an underlying theme: "Return to Nature".  Essentially, processed, refined, genetically altered foods and chemical products are destructive to the body. Eating foods that have been grown in nutrient rich biodivers soils (Organic) and have NOT been modified to extend its shelf life will require an alteration in ones daily habits. However, the benefits will far outweigh any inconveniences. Living with natural products requires only a slight change in shopping discipline and added alertness to your surroundings. These two behavior modifications are truly the way to begin forging a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve ultimate health, one needs to remove the toxins/heavy metals from our surroundings and body, properly supplement the body with clean nutritional food and water, balance the body's energy, and perform mild exercise. Of these items, the most important factor is nourishing the body with nutrients that are required for properly functioning cells (the building blocks of life). The body has a great propensity to heal itself when given the tools (nutrients) needed to work with. However, with refined foods and compromised GI (digestion) tracks caused by glyphostae, antibiotics, heavy metals, etc., it's nearly impossible to fortify the body with the necessary nutrients required for optimal health. It's imperative to get the GI system working properly to achieve optimum health.

"The greatest contributors to disease and early death in human populations have been poverty, poor sanitation and poor nutrition", Barbara Loe Fisher

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GLYPHOSATE destroys the gut microbiome and is found in 75% of the SAD (Standard American Diet) foods.  It's imperative to stop ingesting this assault on your digestive tract and begin healing the gut lining and optimize assimilation of nutrients.  Eating Organically will greatly reduce your exposure to Glyphosate/Roundup.

Learn more about testing your food for glyphosate here.

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It all starts with the Soil Food Web.  Proper soil management provides optimum healthy plants which in turn provides optimum crop yields to the farmer and optimum nutrition to the consumer.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People

J.I. Rodale in 1947, Rodale Institute


Obtaining the highest nutritional density during healing is paramount.  One way to accomplish this is to juice organic vegetables.  Juicing releases the nutrients from the fiber of the plant, allowing for immediate uptake to the body.  Additionally, juice fasting will expedite detoxification and rebalancing the body.

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Even with all the best intentions, sometime it's impossible to get all the nutrients the body needs.  Supplementation will be needed for certain people or situations.  Whole food organic supplements such as chlorella and spirulina are superior. Never take or consume Ergocalciferol (synthetic D2) and Cholecalciferol (D3) because they prevents calcium from being placed into the bone, depletes magnesium, crashes potassium, lowers ATP, depletes Vitamin A and lowers ceruloplasmin. Pancreatic ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS from fermented foods will greatly assist the digestion system in the up-take of nutrition, and MINERAL balancing utilizing the "ROOT CAUSE PROTOCOL" is critical for achieving optimal health.


In order for the body to heal, it must raise the voltage of the area needing healing.  If the body is malnourished, this voltage cannot be achieved and healing will not happen. Earthing, or grounding, is very inexpensive and easy to do with a Grounding/ Earthing Wrist Strap.  Not only does it provide the body the electrons it needs to heal, but it also protects from EM pollutants.

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The exposure to glyphosate will lead to  a cascade of events in the body that will cause dis-ease.  One complication is the body will be ineffective at detoxifying itself from the many environmental toxins we are exposed to every day.  Once glyphosate is removed, the body begins to heal and detoxification should resume.  However, if assistance is needed, here are some suggestions:

  • Chelation via the Cutler Protocol and supplementing Humic Acid

  • Drink clean Mineralized/Structured Water

  • Binders to remove toxins from bowels: Acivated Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth, Chlorella, Chitosan Fiber, Modified Citrus Pectin (without added fillers)

  • Sun exposure or FAR Inrared Therapy

  • BREATH; utilize the "Wim Hof" method

  • Niacin Flush

  • Activated Silica

  • MMS (Activated Sodium Chlorite)


In the process of healing and achieving optimal health through removing glyphosate and re-balancing minerals, it may be necessary to implement the "Blood Type Diet" until you are in the clear from your health concerns.  A person of a particular blood type will react to certain food proteins (lectins) that will then cause the blood to coagulate (agglutinate). This reduces the efficiency of certain parts of the body (stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas, brain, etc.) or even the body as a whole (circulation) due to thick blood. Agglutination is the process of the body removing an enemy of the body. Therefore, any food that produces agglutination should be avoided. This is the basis of the Blood Type Diet and this diet is a critical ingredient in achieving optimal health. To learn more about this amazing diet, visit

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Avoiding environmental pollutants may seem an obvious goal, however, there are some things that might be overlooked.  Mold from water damaged buildings can wreak havoc for those that have a genetic hyper-sensitivity to mold (24% of the population). Mold avoidance and the addition of all the above practices can help regain ones vitality after mold exposure.


The benefits are endless for Blood type B people. Read More

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There's no better way to get over 90 minerals. Learn more


Lets get to know FAT

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Refined sugar is from GMO corn or sugar beet and sugar cane is heavily sprayed with glyphosate.  Additionally, these refined products are processed utilizing harsh chemicals and heavy metals.  The final product is highly addictive and highly anti-nutrient.  That's right, refined sugar is not a "non-nutrient", it is a negative-nutrient. It causes a heavy burden on the body by utilizing calcium and other vital nutrients to process and detoxify the sugar. Eventually, sub-clinical malnutrition sets in and the body can't properly utilize the sugars energy at the cellular level,  resulting with the energy being stored as visceral fat.  It is interesting that studies have shown the escalation of modern illnesses is directly correlation to the introduction and increased use of refined sugar and carbs.

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"Your HEALTH is what all other aspects of life stem from" - Nutrismith

"There is no such thing as medical disease. There is only metabolic dysfunction caused by mineral dis-regulation. Invariably, that mineral dis-regulation is caused by myth-guided diagnosis and the three most offensive diagnosis that people are subjected to are what could be called the triangle offense. Doctors try to treat the thyroid, low calcium, and low iron. In all three cases when treating these events, a lot of problems are created by means of mineral dis-regulation. But what is really in need of attention are the adrenals, because anyone with a thyroid issue has burned out adrenals, anyone who has a calcium deficiency doesn't have enough magnesium, and anyone who has an iron deficiency needs more bio-available copper by way of the liver making more ceruloplasmin." - Morley Robbins

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